How It Works

Why Antimicrobial Copper?

EPA registered antimicrobial copper products are a highly versatile way of fighting bacteria*. Science suggests that antimicrobial copper kills bacteria* with a multifaceted attack. The outer membrane of bacteria cells rupture when they come in contact with copper surfaces, leading to cell death. The copper ions impede cell  respiration/metabolism, sometimes causing DNA damage, making it unlikely that bacteria* will develop a resistance to copper.

Healthy bacteria on an untreated stainless steel surface, minutes after cleaning
Destroyed bacteria
on a surface with
Aereus coating



How Copper Kills Bacteria


Copper ions on the surface are recognized
as an essential nutrient, and enter the cell


A lethal dose of copper ions interfers with
normal cell functions and membrane integrity


Copper ions impede cell respiration/metabolism,
sometimes causing DNA damage

Source: Drs. Grass, Keevil, Ransing, and Solioz courtesy of the Copper Development Association

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